About Us

Bluewiss Environment Enrichers Pvt. Ltd. , a Pune-based company, provides products, services, and concepts that help people enrich the natural environment. Bluewiss focuses on maintaining, restoring and enhancing the local biodiversity and promoting a sustainable way of living.

Today, in both urban and rural homes alike, adopting sustainable methods of living has become a challenge. However, Bluewiss believes that sustainable living in an urban area is no more a myth. Our idea of a sustainable home is one that has a provision for clean and safe drinking water, chemical-free food, appropriate use of energy, optimum waste management and as a result, a healthy mind and body. A sustainable home not only reduces pollution and waste and is always in sync with its surroundings but also uses the surroundings to replenish and enhance it.

To fulfill these basic requirements of sustainable living, Bluewiss has designed tools and techniques that can be easily adapted in our day-to-day lives. The company provides a range of products, services and concepts for sustainable living; from natural methods of water purification to growing your own food within your homes, composting toilets that save water and provide nutrient-rich compost to bricks made out of waste paper.

The rapid economic development leading to a hectic lifestyle and more resources in the hands of a few has left little room for eco-friendly living. However, Bluewiss believes that the ever-increasing costs of fuel, healthcare services, raw material, food, water and public amenities will compel people to look for simple, inexpensive and healthy alternatives such as the ones provided by Bluewiss.

Niranjan Upasani and George Mundackel are the directors of Bluewiss Environment Enrichers Pvt. Ltd.

Kavita Ghoran works as Manager, Brand Development and Cause Marketing, while Chaitra Dakave is their Design Consultant.